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Tuskaloosa County Confederate Veterans of 1902

Like thousands of other veterans of the war between the states, Tuscaloosa's brave former soldiers felt the need to join together for fraternal and historical reasons. The initial organization for Confederate veterans in Tuscaloosa was the Tuskaloosa Confederate Veterans Association. When ex-Confederate General John Gordon, then Virginia's governor, issued a call to form the United Confederate Veterans in 1889, Tuscaloosa answered that call. This new national association united the local veterans groups.

Camp #262 of the United Confederate Veterans was the original camp in Tuscaloosa. It was founded on June 5,1893 and named for General Robert E. Rodes, Tuscaloosa's highest ranking officer. Eighty three veterans answered that original call for membership. A.C. Hargrove was elected as the first Camp Commander. Throughout its history, Camp #262 performed worthwhile charitable works, collected relics, and recorded historical material. Of greater importance, these veterans served as a constant inspiration to the citizens of Tuscaloosa. The last surviving Tuscaloosa Confederate veteran was John Roble Kennedy who died February 14, 1941.

The Camp never formally dissolved, but only naturally shared the same fate of its members.

Fortunately, the A. Cole Hargrove Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #381 had been founded on July 19, 1902. This Camp was active for years and gave Tuscaloosa some of its finest citizens. The first camp First Lieutenant William Brandon was elected Alabama's Governor in 1923. Robert Jemison Hargrove was Tuscaloosa's Health Officer, James Brown was a prominent State Senator as was Frank Moody. J. Manley Foster was a delegate to the 1901 State Constitutional Convention as well as a State Legislator. W.B. Oliver served in the United States House of Representatives. Col. Woolsey Finnell was Tuscaloosa's highest ranked officer in World War One and received the French Legion of Honor and a Special Citation for Exceptionally Meritorious Service from General John Pershing. Other members were prominent lawyers, educators, farmers, businessmen, and local politicians.

There were two very special True Sons in this Camp. One was Robert Rodes, Jr., son of the Camp's namesake. The other was George Johnston, Jr., son of CSA Brigadier General George Johnston.

The Lambert-Gray Camp #1376 was organized in March, 1980. On April 16, 1986, by-laws were drawn up and the national SCV agreed to change the name to the General Robert Rodes Camp and to give the Camp the original #262. Since that time, the Camp has had tremendous growth and has been named as the outstanding Camp in the Alabama Division. In 1986 the Rodes Camp hosted what is generally agreed as the greatest State Convention held in the division's history.

United Confederate Veterans of Alabama Camps in 1900

11 Raphael Semmes, Mobile.
39 W. J. Hardee, Birmingham.
64 Sanders, Eutaw.
151 Lomax, Montgomery.
157 Bessemer, Bessemer.
228 Springville, Springville.
224 Franklin N. Beck, Oamden.
236 Auburn, Auburn.
246 Chas. M. Shelley, Talladega.
266 Elmore Co., Wetumpka.
266 Harper, Andalusia.
268 Pelham, Anniston.
260 Joe Wheeler, Bridgeport.
261 Lee County, Opelika.
262 Camp Robert E. Rodes, Tuscaloosa.
263 W. N. Estes, Fort Payne.
266 Allen C. Jones, Greensboro.
268 Jas. F. Waddell, Seale.
276 Emma Sansom, Gadsden.
276 Henry W. Cox, Rockford.
277 I. W. Garrett, Marion.
291 Camp Gracie, Verbena.
292 Col. Jas. B. Martin, Jacksonville.
293 Aiken Smith, Roanoke.
298 E. A. O'Neal, Florence.
308 St. Clair, Ashville.
310 A. A. Green, Lafayette.
313 Jas. Deshler, Tuscumbia.
316 Randolph, Wedowa.
317 Catesby Ap. R. Jones, Selma.
320 Camp Ruffln, Troy.
323 Camp Pickens, Oarrollton.
327 Hy. D. Clayton, Asbland.
329 Camp Lee, Oxford.
331 T. J. Bullock, Londsboro.
332 Camp Sumter, Livingston.
333 Montgomery Gilbreath, Guntersville.
338 Capt. Wm. Lee, Evergreen.
839 Woodruff, Greensboro.
348 Crawf-Kimbal, Dadeville.
346 Marion Co., Hamilton.
349 Sam'l L. Adams, Greenville.
350 John James, St. Stephens.
361 Capt. W. A. Handley, Abner P.O.
366 Camp McLeroy, Stroud.
367 Egbert J. Jones, Huntsville.
368 Camp O'Neal, Vernon.
369 Camp Wiggonton, Edwardsville.
370 R. H. G. Gaines, Lower Peach Tree.
372 Rob't E. Lee, Pearce's Mill.
373 Leander McFarland, Thompsonville.
378 Camp Stewart, Piedmont.
380 Ozark, Ozark.
381 Col. Garrett, Snmmerfleld.
383 Friendship, Hartselle.
386 Camp Miller, Albertville.
396 Alexandria, Alexaudria.
396 Robinson's Springs, Robinson's Springs.
400 Thos. H. Hobbs, Athens.
401 Lee, Alexander.
407 Geo. W. Foster, Monroeville.
408 A. A. Russells, Madison Station.
411 Jno. Pelham, Gaylesville.
416 Ex-Confederate, Guin.
429 Tom Coleman, Uniontown.
430 N. B. Forrest, Scottsboro.
434 Frank Cheatham, Coalburgh.
459 Camp Force, Brookwood.
466 Lindsay, Fayette.
467 Forrest, Walnut Grove.
472 Camp Gracy, Luverne.
475 Camp Calhoun, Jackson.
476 Horace King, Decatur.
480 Camp Watts, Sprague Junction.
489 Thos. H. Watts, Cullman.
491 Wm.W.Wadswonh, Prattsville.
492 Joe Wheeler, Bangor.
493 Barbour County, Clayton.
496 Montevallo, Montevallo.
497 Ala. Conf. Vet. Ass., Jackson.
498 Emanuel Finley, Calera.
499 R. H. Powell, Union Springs.
508 Archibald Gracie, Linden.
567 Holly Pond, Holly Pond.
632 Fred Ashford, Town Creek.
658 Stonewall Jackson, Centre.
675 Jones M. Withers, Mobile.
855 Pelham, Cedar Springs.
898 W. A. Johnson, Tuscumbia.
958 Eufala, Eufala.
966 Pratt, Blockton.
1072 Gen'l Clanton, Brewton.
1112 Confed. Veteran, Phoenix City
1120 Confed. Veteran, Morris
1139 Confed. Veteran, Tuskegee
1140 Robert E. Lee, Birmingham
1145 Confed. Veteran, Abbeville
1165 W. C. Oats, Geneva
1167 Fred S. Ferguson, Pratt City
1177 Confed. Veteran, Blountsville
1202 Hutto, Jasper

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Boy Colonel by Don Troiani
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"Robert E. Rodes" Camp #262
of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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